How To Sing: My Story Part 1

My childhood friends can never forget the first time they heard me sing, or shall I say yell. Everything in that voice was wrong, starting from the fact it was nasal, full of ungraceful breathes and cut in half in the middle of an alto or a soprano, making it very difficult to listen, let alone appreciate.

If I heard myself back then, I would’ve begged a judge to issue a restraining order to keep me away from any living being’s ears. It might sound like I’m joking but yes it was THAT bad.

You know how your voice sounds a lot better when you’re the only one singing around? In my case it was tenfold. I sang every time I could, not only karaoke but along with the singer, because… well you should have figured that out by now.

I would’ve thought I wasn’t doing very bad until that incident with my friends: I recorded myself afterwards and the child that I was never forgot how truly terrible that sounded. For a while, I gave up, tried to joke about it and thought I “wasn’t born with the talent”.

Born With The Singing Talent or Just Hard Work?

Now you see, there’s the trick: we might not be born equal when it comes to talents, but we have an equal opportunity to improve. Writers, poets, singers, painters… all of them had to practice and get better at what they’re doing. An innate talent is of course a plus, but working hard you can get just as high, if not higher.

That lesson was taught to me by my school music teacher, in response to my defeatist speech. That day, I decided to grab the matter in my own hands and kept moving forward, in order to improve my voice.

To my own surprise, over the years, it started sounding better and better: I switched to karaoke, watched some basic online singing lessons, impressed my friends with easy but quite nice songs, trained not to let my voice fade away in the middle of a rhyme (and yes it was like lifting a rock)… When I reached adulthood, I was an “average” singer (and as you may guess, very proud of my progress).

Singing Lessons

Then came the part where I had to study further, I had really no idea what to pick so I just aimed to buy a singing course online, get on my own two feet, find a job. I worked in a few places but never really found what I enjoyed doing. “It’s only a part-time job, you’ll get a real one” you might say, and I guess you wouldn’t be wrong, but I refused to sink in a daily routine, not to mention my jobs kept me away from practicing as much as I wanted. Yes, I could have picked a music school, but my parents couldn’t even afford a music teacher for a few hours at home, let alone paying for what they considered as “a little hobby”.

One day in a restaurant with my special one and some friends, I met an amazing singer that my friends knew, Diane. She had a voice to die for, one that could make you smile and sob whenever and wherever it wanted. At some point, my “hobby” was brought up, my friends complimented my “talent”(not that special) and she said “Adriana, do you want to get on stage one of these days? We’ll see how you’ll do.”

I was mesmerized, looked for a camera (scams are everywhere you never know), muttered something about study and left.

You Need To Find The Best Singing Program For You!

Back in my room, I freaked out like women do, from jumping around to grabbing thy head, and went to our international advisor: Google. That’s when I bumped into an affordable (tick) online singing program called the “superior singing method” (this is the link to the official website). As Aaron (the guy that made the program) said in there, I was skeptical. But I was also desperate to improve my voice and the steps described in there seemed logical and accurate and I wanted the best singing course I could get my hands on but also an affordable one too. As one who isn’t broke but isn’t rich, I mailed Aaron for further details, he was really reassuring so I decided to give it a shot.

This is what you get, once you pay, you get instant access to the program which has included 8 modules, downloadable audio exercises, vocal exercises and heaps of videos to watch. There is plenty more included (+ the free bonus courses such as vocal agility) but I may do a detailed review once I get the time. For now this is what the package looks like:


Some inclusions that you get in the singing software package. The vocal training program is broken down into 8 modules.


Now, I can’t say I saw a drastic improvement in six days, since I was juggling between college, work and a social life, but the steps did help. I first worked on the voice agility, which was quite easy compared to the pitch… Oh the pitch… It looked like a rope.

For two weeks I thought I wouldn’t grasp it and almost went back to my previous “I’m never going to make it” self. I owe big thanks, hugs and kisses to my loved one, my friends and even my family who supported my motivation and never let me down. Like the little wooden soldier, I kept trying and trying to enter the rimes where and when they had to be, until the concept got more or less mastered (I still have a lot of improvement to do, throw me in a Metallica song and I’ll drown).

After that came the resonance, which basically changes the little ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. I cannot say the transformation was painless, as I also had to practice in front of a mirror not to look like someone who just got a harsh call of nature. But it did work and I couldn’t help but think that comparing the voice to a muscle was right on the point. The more you train it, the more it becomes flexible, strong and pleasant to hear.



In a few weeks, I did get many steps closer to what one would call “an amazing voice”. I still have lots of improvement to do but Aaron being there with his singing course, he makes you slowly take baby steps when needed, can give you precisions about anything concerning the program.

I still have not gotten to the bonus videos, as I’m advancing slowly but steadily towards my goal but one thing I can be sure of: I did get on that stage and got compliments from Diane (nothing extraordinary of course, but she thought I could sing in that establishment, big “yay!” for me) as well as my friends’ completely shocked faces (the best part of that performance). That “I never would have thought it was possible to change this much” warmed my heart. For me, my voice came down to 2 things, 1. lots and lots of practice and 2. investing in a good quality singing course to make my voice sound just, perfect.

If you want to know more about my journey and how I improved my singing voice in less than 2 months, read How To Sing: My Story Part 2

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