How To Sing: My Story Part 2

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Hi guys and girls, this is a follow on post from ‘Part 1 of My Story’ of how I taught myself how to sing online with the help of an online singing set of vocal training videos (very easily and quickly, I must add). Males, listen up, this equally applies to you so read on!

I have to be upfront with you guys, for sure the program that I choose was amazing but I need to say to you, if you are not willing to practice and put some heart in it, ditch the program BUT more importantly maybe you should ditch singing aswell?! As with everything in life, singing requires practice (and a lot of it).

For the rest of you that are willing to work at improving your vocals, let me tell you a little bit more about my journey on how I developed a good singing voice by buying an online singing course over the internet. This is kind of like a personal approach detailing my opinion and thoughts on the singing program. I may provide a more detailed review later on, for now, enjoy reading how I started out at improving my singing voice.



First Thoughts on Using a Singing Course

As I was looking for a way to improve in order to pass a job interview a wonderful singer called Diana proposed (as I have explained in Part 1 of My Story), I landed on a singing program called the Superior Singing Method Program.

My first thought on it was about the length of the presentation video, “Oh no THAT long? Really?”. However, as the minutes flew by, that program’s logic, clarity and availability made me send a email to Aaron whether his program was a right fit for me. Basically he assured me anyone from beginner, intermediate and advanced would benefit from the program. The more I listened and watched the video, this made complete sense (I kind of feel bad for wasting his time now, I should have just watched the whole video straight up) . My skeptical nature was reassured so I decided to give it a shot. First of all, I have to say, really it’s only $97 and you won’t regret one cent!


While I really could have used some in the early stages, I couldn’t afford private lessons, so that price of the program was right where it should be for me, right in my budget, under $100 I thought it was well priced, if anything, with all the help, it really has been invaluable. I chose to pay it all at once, but you can do it in three months, for $39.95 each time (and yes, you see why I paid all right away).

Now that the material concerns are set, let’s get to the good part: the singing lessons.

Who Made The Singing Course?

Aaron Anastasi is the guy behind the scenes who created and developed this vocal training software, really it is the best online singing course that exists. He is an absolute top guy and excellent in his field. He knows absolutely everything when it comes to learning how to sing.

The reason why I went with this singing course is because I could understand Aaron.  It is so important to understand your vocal coach, that is the only way, best way and quickest way how to improve your singing. Aaron teaches his online singing course in such a relaxed, easy to learn way that appeals to everyone; beginners, intermediates and advanced singers alike. You will see from his vids, once you start listening to his voice and what he has to say, including all his vocal training exercises, he is super approachable and easy to understand, he just has the *thang* with teaching people how to sing.


On the priority and flow of these steps, Aaron Anastasi has done a great job with his online singing course package . He isn’t like the maths teacher that would throw a problem you won’t be able to solve right away under the pretext you’ll learn in the middle of your attempts. He is clear and down to earth, slowly taking you through the steps according to his (and other people’s) previous experiences.

Voice Agility, Pitch and Resonance

Three things you have to work on: voice agility, vocal pitch and resonance. Voice agility is about getting the notes right, swiftly sliding from one to the other like some do it their car games when they dodge other vehicles on the road. All of us know what pitch is, basically one of the big differences between a good song and a squeak. Resonance on its part, lets your voice fly to your audience in a pleasant (if you’re “talented” and hardworking, even divine) manner. Those three simple words draw a solid and efficient frame work.

Now about the heart of the matter: the steps to help you progress. Thankfully (and logically) the first one was all about no strains, which was a big relief for a girl who could lose her breath in the middle of two rimes like I did. I called it “change the brook in a river”. The second one will make you improve your vocal power (grab the matter in your own two hands and go!) and pitch, a step that helped my little voice out a great deal, allowing it to mature and get on the right rhythm.


The following step, oh joy, got me rid of nasality, a calamity I was trying to fight against since the very beginning of my practice, with a cool tip I can’t end to thank Aaron (from the Superior Singing Program) for. During this step, you also learn how to develop your voice resonators, a step I had a bit of trouble passing, as my voice was not really fit for it at first, or so I thought.

Afterwards, you focus on pitch a bit more, getting closer to a professional singer level; when you’re through with that you find yourself in front of mix voice. Mix voice contains your higher and your lower voice (head, chest) allowing you to work both in harmony, to come up with the perfect, balanced voice we all dream of when we start this program. Through the final three steps, you get more specialized in what you’re doing, meaning you focus on higher degrees of singing, including smooth transitions (who wouldn’t want that for their audiences?), jumping from note to note and taking your voice to the highest possible level. Vibrato never sounded better to my ears.

The Whole ‘Learning to Sing’ Experience

I wasn’t expecting the sky and the moon to land at my feet but notorious progress is definitely what I saw. I did not notice anything truly amazing in 6 days, as it takes me more time to grasp some concepts like pitch and resonators’ improvement and also because I had to study for college in the middle. However, in two weeks of relatively fair practice, a recorder testified my voice changed for the best, to a point where I had to pinch myself a little bit to get off that pretty pink cloud it got me on.

My job interview was set on flexible delays, because that establishment was hiring part-time singers during that season, so I took my chance after I almost completed the singing program (which lasts 60 days). Diana was not disappointed with my performance and even congratulated me for it, pointing out I still had a few steps to go. But my friends were sitting with their mouths wide open, and even my loved one, who believed in me all along, could not help but say he didn’t know it was possible to change a voice that much.

What’s Next For Me?

So I will continue to complete the rest of the singing program, take advantage of that one year coaching from Aaron to the fullest, watch Nathan Chapman’s performance and explanations (which I especially am looking forward to) and take this opportunity to thank Aaron and his awesome singing program once again. Thanks Aaron! (kinder hoping he comes back and reads this).


I will then move onto the other programs Aaron has developed, although I haven’t fully looked into them yet, he has an array of other singing courses. These will be by priority to follow on with (and I can’t wait, super excited).

Superior Vocal Performance – Aaron’s tips and tricks for performance on stage and off.

Superior Harmony – How to in harmony and blend in with a melody.

Superior Pitch – How to hit every note by improving your pitch.

Superior Tone – How to sing with full tone.

Can’t wait to get my hands voice onto these goodies.

Although I won’t be moving onto the following any time soon, some of these programs may suit more of your needs and form part of the Superior singing program range (thinking of buying my boyfriend a course on learning to sing high notes as he is having a bit of troubles):

Superior High Notes, Superior Vocal Agility, Superior Vibrato, Developing Your Head Voice and Correcting The Top 5 Singing Mistakes.

Want to Know More?

As I’ve said above, if you interested in purchasing the same program as me, I purchased the Superior Singing Method Program.

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If you want to give Aaron’s Superior Singing Method a go or find out further details, click here.

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