I tend to live (or should I say, sing?) by this motto; you have the singer in you, your voice just needs a little polishing up to make it perfect!

In my blog, I will teach you, how to teach yourself, how to sing (Do you get it? It’s a bit of a tongue twister but you guys get me right?!). I have purely dedicated my time and effort (and voice) in providing all my singing resources, tips and tricks to help you develop your vocals, improve your voice and sing!

Singing CoursesBelow I have started out by giving you a brief introduction of me and my story of how I taught myself how to sing. If your not interested, that’s’ totally ok 🙂 You can scroll down to the interesting parts of actually learning how to sing or feel free to browse through the site for all the singing help you need.

Long story short for those people that want me to cut to the chase is that I taught myself how to sing using the most renowned online singing program and lots of patience! I didn’t get any professional singing lessons or attend any group classes. Just me, my program, my voice, my room and the inner wanting and desire to do it (you can get more information on the world class singing program I used here).

More Details: The singing program I used is made by a professional singer coach and all information about him and his program can be viewed here at his Official Website but I have explained more it in various blog posts also.

Embrace Your Voice

From the first time I sang, which sounded more like chalk screeching over a blackboard, fast forward to how I sing now, there are a few hard-earned miles (plenty of blood, sweat and tears that’s for sure).

Learn-SingingI started off by really “embracing my voice” I may say, or in other words realizing how terrible my singing voice sounded. But you have to know how well you sing to know exactly how improve to your singing voice. But the most important thing is, do not let that tell you can’t do anything about it.

I fell into that trap for a few years, until a music teacher in my school made me realize it was all in my head: the one who works for something does and will improve.

Call it a childhood trauma, but I wanted to become a better singer. I started really taking karaoke seriously: not singing with the artist was a big step forward for me, probably because my little brother couldn’t help but criticize everything I did wrong, on second thought thanks Robert, I’m sorry for all the times I freaked out after you shot a deserved bullet at me.

After that “serious karaoke stage”, I started taking part in a local choir, it was nothing really amazing but I still had a place to practice and a goal. It went like this until I moved to higher education, until the day I met Diane, a singer in a restaurant, who offered me a job opportunity in a field I loved and admired, singing.

Teach Yourself How To Sing

Singing-LessonsDiane’s offer caught me off guard though and took ‘desperate me’ right to the internet. Literally I was desperate, one of my friends thought I was crazy trying to avoid hiring a local vocal coach and professional singing lessons but let’s face it; for one, I didn’t have the money to splash on a singing teacher every day for 2 weeks nor did I have the time in between working 2 jobs.

That’s where I found a set of singing lessons online, an entire singing program that, surprisingly, really helped me out a lot. It’s through me giving this program a chance with it’s insightful tips, understandable steps and amazing results that really helped my singing success.

It’s finding valuable resources, tips and tricks online that really helped me developed my voice and I am hoping I can share this with my singing community. I did give free singing videos and resources a go but they only took me so far, even though I did spend a little bit on singing courses online here and there, I haven’t spent near as much as I would if I had to hire singing teachers/lessons.

It’s these small little singing programs that you can get online that really helped me out and as I found out later, there is millions of singers worldwide that have used these programs too. Since I have finally got my singing career on track, many of my friends and colleagues have been asking me how I improved my voice so well in the last year. I’ve found during this time that online singing courses needs more exposure, but the right ones of course!

Take On Advice

SingingYou need to be open minded and be willing to take on people’s advice and opinions when it comes to learning how to sing properly and improving your singing voice. Unfortunately, this is probably one thing that lacks on the internet, I guess people think that they only way is through singing and voice lessons. That is not the case. If you have the money, fair enough pay away. However, if you are cautious and willing to give it a go to teach yourself how to sing good, follow my blog as I hope that I can help people out there that are looking for ways to learn how to sing without drawing all their savings. Is that you?

Me personally, I know how frustrating it can be trying to learn how to sing and just trying to improve your voice like how to sing better, how to sing higher, how to sing in tune or you just ask yourself, ‘can’t I just sing like the pros?’. These were simple questions that I sort to find answers to a few years ago and I wanted to find the best, quickest and cheapest technique to help develop my voice.

Online Singing Resources

No matter if you are a complete beginner at the very first steps of learning how to sing or even if you are a good singer but would like to improve your vocals, sing higher or sing in tune or sing in harmony, and now that I have literally been through every learning stage, I can assist you wherever you feel the need.

Learning to sing includes many different aspects which all form part of the process of developing your voice. Here is a short guide to many resources on singerinyou.com that may assist you:

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How to Sing: My Story Part 1

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Follow my journey, take my advice and enjoy the process of learning how to sing. Singing really is a beautiful talent to have.



  1. Just looking at purchasing the same singing program, any thoughts on any this link additional/supplementary programs as I can see that the guy has some others that can be used in conjunction with the main program? Hoping you can tell me so I can buy at the same time to save money. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Adriana, I just wanted to leave a small comment to say thank you for sharing your story and your advice. I follow you and the time you have dedicated to learning how to sing really shows that practice does make perfect. Thanks for your motivation as I have bought the program you have recommended and doing it all myself. So far, so good, and it’s loads of fun.


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